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The Hillsdale Republican Party’s mission is to advocate for its core values and elect Republican officials who will fight for them. We will no longer elect Republicans simply because of their party affiliation.
They must represent our values.

  1. The dignity and sanctity of human life, beginning at conception and ending in natural death. The government must protect the equal rights of all humans, especially our unborn brothers and sisters, who have been systematically denied the right to life since 1973.

  2. The natural family as the best means for rearing children. Illegal immigration, excessive regulations, high taxes, and other disastrous policies have made it impossible for many families to live on one income. Government policies must be reformed so that fathers and mothers can raise and educate their own children if they desire.

  3. Equal justice under the law. We categorically oppose critical race theory, intersectionality, transgenderism, and other evil ideologies that divide and rank human beings according to their perceived status as oppressor or oppressor.

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Member, Penny Wingate

We are going to build our Republican Party, our core, our conservative base, bigger than it ever was before. Local government is where it is at and we have to have a very loud voice.


Member, Don Lawless

I love pushing the conservative narrative!


District 2, Jon Rocha

The Hillsdale Republican Party is at the tip of the spear in the fight against the tyranny that surround us.

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